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About Tarot Readings

General Readings

A general reading is our ice breaker. This is a great place to start, especially if you’re not coming into the session with a specific question in mind. I’ll ask your spirit guides for messages about what’s happening in your life in the here and now. By examining these themes together, we will gain insight about the most important issues that require particular attention and exploration.

Specific Questions

You may have a burning question in mind for your reading. If you don’t, not to worry! A general reading is best to start and from there we can formulate a more specific question. Specific questions are typically read through a Celtic cross spread. In some cases, particularly if we are looking at the relationship dynamics between two people, the spread may deviate from a Celtic cross. I will explain the meaning of the cards and the positions that they are in to you.

Here are some examples of frequently asked questions:

Career example - How will things go at my new job?

Love example - Am I ready to move in with my significant other?

Spiritual example - What guidance do my guides have for me so that I can grow as a person?

Please Note: I cannot provide readings concerning medical conditions or health. I’m unqualified to provide medical advice.

More updates coming soon!


About Astrology Readings

Birth Chart Readings

Your birth chart is unique to you. So much so that there will never be another one like it. It is a snapshot of the alignment of the planets and the signs from the moment that you were born. That’s why astrologers need to know your exact time of birth, location and DOB. A birth chart is your natal promise and soul contract for this lifetime.